Values and principles

The citizen who turns to the Healthcare Facility must be put in the condition of being able to choose freely and beyond any material and moral constraint by perceiving the quality of service at all levels.

The fundamental values and principles that inspire Villa Gemma and Villa Barbarano are:


Each hospitalized person has the right to receive the most appropriate medical treatment and the best treatment without any discrimination of age, sex, race, religion, nationality and social status.


Employees must not offer favoritism to any patient regarding interests of any nature.


The doctors operating in the facility have a duty to ensure the continuity of care for the hospitalized patient, aiming for the best possible recovery on a physical, psychological, functional and participation level.


The patient has the right to freely make decisions about the care offered by health care professionals. The patient must be promptly informed with appropriate language about his/her diseases, the techniques and therapies to which he/she will be subjected, the drugs that will be prescribed and administered, the course of the diseases and the outcome of the treatments provided, in order to make him/her fully aware and participant in care. The hospitalized person can request, at any time of hospitalization, the opinion of another doctor of his/her trust, regarding his/her state of illness and any treatments to be practiced.


The achievement of ever better health conditions must be pursued with optimal use of the resources made available for patient care. The inspiring principle is that of an effective THERAPEUTIC ALLIANCE between the treating team, the patient and his/her care-givers.