The payment of the ticket and any other amount related to outpatient activities must be made at the counters of the OUTPATIENT ACCEPTANCE.

Counters are open:

Villa Gemma Acceptance
Villa Barbarano Acceptance

Documents necessary for the appointment:

  1. Go to the counter indicated on the illuminated display board
  2. Wait for your turn, accept, pay the ticket or the service
  3. To receive the service, go to the clinic or radiology following the operator’s instructions or what is printed on the acceptance sheet

For any copying of CDs relating to radiographic examinations and instrumental diagnostics (to always be requested at the Acceptance) the following rates are applied

Euro 5.00 for 1 CD

Acceptance of fragile categories

Villa Gemma and Villa Barbarano Nursing Homes are attentive to the needs of all the patients who turn to them. In recent years, new IT systems have been introduced to regulate the influx of access to ticket acceptances, admissions, reservations, withdrawal points and outpatients which provide preferential routes for patients with special needs (pregnant women, disabled patients, etc.)