Public relations office

The Public Relations Office of Villa Gemma and Villa Barbarano Nursing Homes is located at the Barbarano di Salò facility (Villa Barbarano). To contact the URP call 0365/298122 or write The URP is a service available to users for:
  • give information on the services available and the relative access methods;
  • collect suggestions, reports and complaints;
  • encourage quality improvement and to verify the level of user satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Through the detection of the Customer Satisfaction, the active participation of citizens is encouraged: at the outpatient clinics and in the wards, users’ perception of the quality of the services offered is detected, through the collection of a satisfaction questionnaire, issued anonymously. From the analysis of the questionnaires and the reports received by the URP, the Clinic periodically assesses the possibility of activating improvement actions.

Reports: how to report

Users can submit their report by filling in the appropriate reporting form (found in the menu on the left) or by writing with a letter on plain paper.

If the report is sent on plain paper, it must necessarily contain the following mandatory data:

  • name, surname, telephone and address of the person submitting the report
  • date, description and place where the event occurred
  • the signature: it is necessary to sign the report and also authorize the processing of personal data, so that the URP can correctly process them together with the report, in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR), EU Reg. 2016/679.

We remind you that anonymous reports are not taken into consideration.

The URP will respond, where necessary, in the times and in the ways provided by the company procedure (normally within 30 days) to the contact details indicated by the User in the reporting form.

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