ADI (IHA) Service

The Integrated Home Assistance Service is aimed at fragile subjects who, temporarily or permanently, are unable to access outpatient services. These are generally people with disabling pathologies of various origins: traumatic, post-surgical, neurological, cardiorespiratory, dysmetabolic, oncological, etc., in particular post hospital discharge or chronic patients subject to exacerbations.
The services are of various kinds: specialist medical examination, nursing care, physiokinesis therapy (orthopedic, neurological, cardiorespiratory) speech therapy, neuropsychological training, occupational therapy, etc.

The ADI Service offers the following services:

  • Nursing: intramuscular injections, sampling and venous infusions, detection of vital parameters, dressing of ulcers and pressure sores, dressing of stoma, of surgical wounds, replacement of nasogastric tube, health care education for the care-giver, management of bladder catheters, evacuation enemas; management of central venous catheters.
  • Rehabilitation: neuromotor rehabilitation, physiokinesitherapy, respiratory gymnastics, ambulatory training, training in the use of aids, speech therapy rehabilitation, speech therapy training, occupational therapy, cognitive / neuropsychological training, etc..
  • Assistenziali: aiuto tecnico ad altre figure per situazioni di particolare complessità.
  • Specialist / medical consultations: internist, diabetologist, cardiologist, physiatrist, neurologist, geriatrician, palliator etc.
  • Educational support: to provide indications for an adequate organization of the home environment, education interventions, support and accompaniment in all phases of daily life, also through the involvement of the patient’s family and caregivers.

The home care provided is completely free. The vouchers used for the service are payment certificates supported by the Lombardy Regional Health Service, paid through the citizen’s residence ATS and donated to the accredited body. To activate the service, the user or his / her family, who are in a situation of need, contact the Family Doctor or the Hospital Doctor of the Facility in which the patient is hospitalized, who, given the criteria for delivery, ask the ATS ADI Service to issue the “Social and Health Voucher”.
The ATS ADI Service, after carrying out the necessary checks and assessments, issues the interested party with the voucher appropriate to the needs identified, together with an updated statement of the accredited bodies in the area, of residence that provide Home Assistance.
The patient freely chooses whom to seek treatment; the chosen provider will receive the voucher from ATS and will contact the patient / family member to activate the Service.

E’ possibile richiedere il servizio di assistenza domiciliare anche in forma privata.


From Monday to Friday
from 09:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

ADI service at:
Casa di Cura Villa Gemma
Corso Zanardelli, 101
Gardone Riviera (BS)

Ph: 0365 298293

Servizio ADP – Assistenza domiciliare privata

Ph: 0365/29829
Fax: 0365 298126

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