Home Care Service

Who is the Service for?

The Home Care service is free and is aimed at all people, regardless of age or income, who need home assistance and who have the following characteristics:

  • a situation of partial or total non-self-sufficiency of a temporary or definitive nature
  • a condition of impossibility to walk and non-transportability to outpatient health facilities
  • a family network and/or formal or informal support
  • housing conditions that guarantee the practicability of assistance.

Services provided

The Home Care Service provides the following services:


detection of vital signs, blood samples, COVID swabs, injections, management of peripheral and central venous catheters, IV and subcutaneous infusion therapy, enteral nutrition, simple and complex dressings for skin lesions (decubitus, surgical wounds, vascular ulcers), patient health education to the caregiver, management of bladder catheters, ostomy management, evacuative enemas


physiokinesitherapy (motor, neuromotor, respiratory rehabilitation, walking training), speech therapy rehabilitation, occupational therapy.


technical assistance to the nurse for particularly complex assistance.


advice from the physiatrist, geriatrician, psychologist.

The references of the Home Care Service


Casa di Cura Villa Gemma S.p.A.

Viale Zanardelli n° 101 – 25083 Gardone Riviera

Office hours

From Monday to Friday 9/17


Ph. 0365/298293

(activate the answering machine for recording messages when the office is closed)

e-mail: adi@villagemma.it

fax 0365/298126


Public relations office

Ph. 0365/298122 from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 15.30

It is also possible to request the Home Care service privately:

Private Home Care Service

Ph: 0365 298297
email: adp@villagemma.it

Customer reporting

Complaint reporting

Service charter