What does it represent

Training represents, for the nursing home, a fundamental and strategic lever for the continuous improvement of the assistance activity provided and for the growth and maintenance of the professionalism of its operators. The goal of the structure is to be able to provide an excellent quality service not only to those who work within it but also to offer all healthcare workers in the field the opportunity to access their training courses. At the center of the training plan proposed annually there are not only the compulsory courses for regulatory requirements but a careful analysis of needs that also takes into account people’s expectations to enhance both the psychological and professional human aspect. The main purpose is to encourage constant research for improvement and innovation in the technical – scientific – management and cultural fields.

  • To spread and share innovations and scientific knowledge, keeping staff updated on the new Guidelines and any Recommendations of the Ministry of Health;
  • Enhance, cultivate and develop human factor and interpersonal communication, as a central resource and the basis for the continuous improvement of the organization;
  • To keep the level of sensitivity and motivation of operators towards the Company mission alive and constant;
  • To analyze to the working and cultural needs of the staff involved;
  • To develop relational skills, supporting the transversal collaboration between professionalism and teamwork.


The Training Office reserves the right to postpone or cancel the scheduled course, by communicating it via e-mail to the participants within 7 days before the course start date. Registrations received incomplete or different from the detailed procedures in the general course registration procedure will not be accepted. No refund will be given in case of absence. Failure to comply with the procedure and agreed times imply the cancellation of the name from the registration list. In the event of a change of the course date, there is no refund of the registration fee, the name will be automatically entered on the new date.

Pre-assigned credits

It indicates the number of credits attributable to the course according to the ECM – CPD Lombardy model. You will find effective confirmation with the approval of the accreditation of the training plan by the Directorate General for Health – Lombardy Region. In order to acquire ECM training credits, the presence of the health professionals is needed. In particular cases of very short absence, it will be the responsibility of the Organizer to evaluate the justification and the impact of absence on final learning, being solely responsible for the residential event or the corporate or team training project.