Dietology service

The Dietician deals with the preparation of diets for: overweight and obesity; diets for hypercholesterolaemia, diabetes, hyperuricaemia, etc .; diets for underweight patients; balanced diets for vegetarians; food intolerance; diets on secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The processing of the personalized dietary program is carried out by the Medical Specialist: it begins with an interview to collect information on the general health of the patient and in particular on previous diseases, ongoing therapies, laboratory tests performed in the past, tendencies to family character. We try to understand if there are psychological problems. Then we enter the field of accurate food research to understand habitual food rhythms, taste preferences, practical needs of the subject. Finally, there is discussion about which most beneficial foods the patient would accept were included in his diet.

  • Individualized diet program
  • Stabilization program (maintenance) at the end of the low calorie program for weight reduction
  • Dietary visit
  • Dietary check-up visit