The clinic’s otolaryngology clinic offers an efficient and accurate medical service, for the care and diagnosis of patients who need to be checked, diagnosed or preventively checked for ear, nose and throat diseases. It therefore deals with the health of the respiratory tract and the auditory system. The specialist doctor collaborates with the other services of the nursing home (high-resolution CT imaging, high-field MRI, pulmonology clinic, speech therapy service) to offer a complete and comprehensive assessment of the pathology in progress.

  • ORL specialist examination
  • Audiometric exam
  • Clinical examination of the vestibular functionality associated with the study of the proven registered nistagm
  • Clinical examination of vestibular functionality associated with study of spontaneous registered nistagm
  • Endoscopic investigation of the nose and nasal cavities, pharynx and larynx
  • Rotary vestibular stimulations
  • Assessment of the sleep apnee patient