Internal medicine

The Internal Medicine clinic deals with the diagnosis and therapy planning of the main internal pathologies, the respiratory, gastroenterological and endocrine diseases. It is mainly aimed at the management of patients affected by multiple pathologies, and aims to treat the individual sick as a whole, rather than the cure of the individual disease. For this reason, the main afferents to the surgery are multi-pathological patients with chronic diseases (primarily Arterial Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, COPD, Oncological and Neurological Degenerative Diseases.). The specialist doctor is responsible for choosing and coordinating the following activities: taking charge based on rapid diagnoses and short investigations in the outpatient setting of acute and chronic pathologies of internal relevance, or hospitalization. A consultancy service is also offered for the dosage of oral anticoagulant therapy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In addition, after medical evaluation and by appointment, salassotherapy can be performed.

  • Diabetology Service
  • Dietetics Service
  • General Medicine visit for Oncology
  • General Medicine visit for Hematology