The Geriatric surgery, is aimed at elderly people who present situations of fragility, with risk of loss of autonomy, or to polypathological patients with the need for clinical and therapeutic monitoring or with suspected or obvious cognitive and behavioral disorders. The specialist geriatrician is responsible for choosing and coordinating the following activities: taking charge based on rapid diagnoses and short outpatient investigations of acute and chronic pathologies of geriatric relevance, or hospitalization; follow up of chronic evolutionary and non-evolutionary geriatric pathologies; taking care of disabilities for preventive and therapeutic purposes; multidimensional assessment of the elderly to identify the risk areas of the fragile patient in order to take all the necessary measures to reduce the risk and prevent cognitive and functional deterioration; assessment of the cognitive state of the elderly subject through functional neuropsychological diagnostic tests, also aimed at certification of disability; evaluation of drug pathology in the elderly (pharmacovigilance); follow up of cognitive deficits in geriatric age.

  • Geriatric visit with neuro-cognitive tests for driving license renewal
  • Geriatric visit with Invalidity Test