The Cardiology Service, thanks to the collaboration of qualified professional figures, carries out activities aimed at the diagnostic, clinical and instrumental framework, and the treatment of cardiovascular pathologies. The Cardiology service provides specialist visits and diagnostic services for outpatient patients sent to the service by external doctors and it provides consultancy for hospitalized patients.

  • Transcranic Colordoppler with Bubblu Test
  • Vascular Surgery Consulting
  • Ecocolordoppler A.I. and A.S. arterious and venous
  • Cardiac Echocolordopplergraphy
  • Cardiac Echocolordopplergrafia at rest and after physical test
  • Ecocolordoppler large vases
  • Ecocolordoppler TSA
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Dynamic electrocardiogram according to Holter (24 hours)
  • Continuous monitoring of blood pressure (24 hours)
  • Cardiological rehabilitation
  • Cardiovascular stress test on the cycle ergometer